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Tehran Landscape view, Capital of Iran

Tabiat bridge, largest pedestrian overpass Tehran and connects two public parks

Tehran at a glance

Tehran is capital of Iran with more than 13 million population, is located on the south slope of Alborz range. Today, more than 200 years have passed since Tehran was elected as the capital of Iran. The elevation of Tehran is 1100 meters. Tehran’s climate is warm and dry in summer and cold in winter. Tehran has 22 regions and 370 districts. There are two important towers in Tehran: the first is Azadi tower which is symbol of Tehran and the second is Milad tower which is one of the major attractions of the city. In the early seventh century, with the destruction of the city of Rey and the migration of its people to Tehran, the knowledge of commerce, construction and citizenship of the Rey people was transferred to Tehran. In the Safavid era, the importance of Tehran increased. In Shah Tahmasb dynasty were built a wall with four gates and 114 towers. Then, some buildings were established such as bathroom, schools. Also, the construction of the Grand Bazar is related to this period. After that, Tehran were called capital by Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar in 1165. The capital of Iran _Tehran_ had significant progress during Qajar dynasty specially Fathali Shah and Mohammad Shah. However, fundamental changes occurred in Nasser al-din shah dynasty. The transformation of Tehran from an ordinary city into a modern capital began in the Pahlavi era. Tehran ancient is included four districts that called: Sanglach, Oudlajan, Bazar and Chale Meydan. During Nasser al-din Shah dynasty several new districts were built in Tehran such as: Arg, Chale Hesar, Khani Abad, Ghanat Abad, Pachenar, Pamenar, Gar mashin, Saboon Paz Khane and Gazvin gate.

Tehran is one of important tourism city of Iran and there are many attractions in it. It is included palaces and museums. Golestan Palace, Saad Abad palace and Niavaran palace, Nature bridge, Grand Bazar, National museum, Qavam house, Azadi tower, Milad tower, Dizin and Tochal ski resort are major and significant attractions to visit and enjoy.